• COMPACT DESIGN: The NSEC rack & pinion stainless steel pneumatic actuator provides linear torque output in a compact design utilizing the same body and end caps for double acting and spring return units.

  • AISI 316: all external components (body, end caps, pinion and fasteners) are made in stainless steel (CF8M or AISI 316) for a superior corrosion resistance.

  • NAMUR: NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 and ISO 5211 dimensions on all sizes. No special blocks are required to mount solenoid valves, limit switches or positioners.

  • DEGREE OF TRAVEL: The standard angle of rotation is 90°. All sizes feature a travel stop with ± 10° in both open and close directions.

  • MULTIPLE OUTPUT SHAFTS: The female pinion drive is standard with a double square output drive, and optional with a double -D drive, keyed drive or custom designs to meet your specific requirements.

  • HIGH CYCLE BEARINGS: Shaft bearings isolate the pinion gear from the housing and support the shaft for high cycle applications.

  • PINION: The pinion teeth are engaged for the full length and stroke of the piston. The pinion height allows manual override without disturbing the indicated positions.

  • HIGH VISIBILITY POSITION INDICATOR: External open/close indicator is standard.

  • HIGH CYCLE LIFE WEAR PADS: Pistons incorporate double wear pads to separate the rack from the actuator wall and serve as both guide and wear bearings.

  • ANTI-BLOWOUT SYSTEM: NST series pistons feature a keyway as antiblowout system.

  • PRE-LOADED SPRING CARTRIDGES FOR SAFETY: Epoxy coated special steel springs are pre-loaded with non metallic materials. The stainless steel end caps fasteners are extra long to allow for spring relaxation.

  • OPERATING MEDIA: Air pressure operation from 2 to 10 Bar (40 - 150PSI). Water, nitrogen and compatible hydraulic fluids may also be used to power the actuator.

  • FASTENERS: All fasteners, screws and bolts made in AISI 316 / A4.

  • LUBRICATION: All units are permanently lubricated at the factory with non-silicone grease.

  • TRACEABILITY: All units are externally labeled with a progressive serial number for traceability.

  • QUALITY: 100% of all units are factory pressure leak tested, and individually boxed for shipment.